Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stacy's Big Award

So a few weeks ago, Pat handed me a form to fill out and mail in to enter a Washington Post Capitals Giveaway contest.  I never win contests, so I dragged my feet about it.  I didn't want to enter a contest that I knew I wouldn't win!  Finally, I filled the form out and sent it in thinking that I had missed the deadline--I mailed it on October 15th or so and I think the deadline ended up being October 17th.

Well, I got a message on my cell on October 31st from someone at the Post saying I had won some contest and to give her a call back.  I had completely forgotten the contest already and erased the message and did not call back. 

I got a second message from this same lady a few days later saying she really needed me to give her a call about the prize I had won.  I rolled my eyes and called her back thinking this was some scam to get me to buy something. 

Boy was I surprised!!!

My name had been drawn for the Capitals Giveaway contest and I had won a Hockey Stick!!!!  Signed by Alex Ovechkin!!!! 

I had to fill out an Affidavit saying I understood that this prize has a monetary value that is subject to taxes and then arrangements were made to get the stick to me.  Kind of hard to mail a 6 foot hockey stick, so it was hand delivered this past Saturday! 

Aidan is not happy here because the stick is all wrapped up with bubble wrap and I had just told him he was not allowed to use this stick!  : )  He wanted to take it to Mini Mites!!!! 

A little happier here because we had gotten the bubble wrap off and I put him in his Moscow Dynamo  Ovechkin Jersey. 

About as close to a hockey stance a 5 year can get in while wearing a jersey that is 5 times too big and holding such a big stick!!  But, I think Aidan may decide to be #32 in the future. . .

And there you have it.  My big excitement for the weekend!!


Melissa said...

Very cool surprise. As a hockey fan, I totally love it. Great player and I love the jersey. Looks like a happy guy!

Shelly said...

Congrats! I'll bet Aidan was the one really excited though! :)

Anonymous said...

You should send that picture to the Capitals!!! They would LOVE it!