Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, November 11, 2011

When I Grow Up. . .

Aidan frequently tells me how things are going to be when he grows up.  They mostly make me smile, but sometimes they give me a good laugh.  In addition to being a big time Hockey player, here are a few of my favorites that he has told me:

When I grow up, this closet (pointing to his Dad's closet) will be mine and yours will be my wifes!

Aidan:  When I grow up, Mama, where will you live?  Me:  Well, right here, I guess.  Aidan:  No you won't.  You'll have to live somewhere else because my wife and I are going to live in this house!  (I guess I should be happy that he loves his home so much that he never wants to leave it!! )

When I grow up, Mama, I'm going to have six.  Six what?  Six kids.  I'm going to bring them all home from Russia!  (so sayeth my only child. . .)

And finally, I have won a major award!  (Doesn't that make you think of the movie A Christmas Story??)  It is scheduled to be delivered around 10:00 tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for pictures. . .and yes, it is tall and nicely shaped, but it isn't a leg lamp!   Although I will have to keep Aidan's hands off of it!!!

Happy Veteren's Day!

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