Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More about the Lake Adventure

I shortchanged this blog with my description of our Lake Adventure and all because I couldn't find the pictures! Well, those pictures, and more have now been found so I'll do a better description of our Lake Adventure and then post pictures from the trip plus some others.

So, we left our house in Northern Virginia on Saturday morning about 9:00 am. Not bad, considering our plan had been to leave at 8:00. Mosby had been dropped off the night before at Grandma and Grandpas, so we were good to go once we left the house. Aidan was excited and he was thrilled that Maggie was going whereever we were going. But, he kept asking about Mosby. . ."Where Moby???" After about the thirtieth time, we began to notice the subtle hint of a whine. . .sigh.

Then he slept, for about a total of an hour in 20 minute increments. . .We got down to Roanoke Rapids, NC around 12:30 and decided to stop for lunch, even though we were only 12 miles from our destination. At this point, Aidan was over stimulated, but we pressed on with our adventure.

When we got to the Lake House, Aidan was soooo excited! He first saw KK's cool BB (2008 red Corvette, which truly is very cool). Then, he saw the water (waty!!) and said "KK's pool!" No amount of explaining could get him to understand it was a lake. . .

After suiting up and putting on sunscreen and life vest, etc., we went down to the boat dock. I sat at the edge and held his hand (thank God!) and he proceeded to jump out into the air! My hand was still slick with sunscreen, but I managed to hold on (for dear life!) until help came in pulling his thirty two pound body back in. Crazy kid laughed the entire time. Fun and games for Aidan at KK's pool!

Later in the evening, we went for a boat ride, which Aidan absolutely loved. Then off to bed we all went for a 9 hour nap, which is usually 12!

Sunday, we had more fun on the water, raft and Jet Ski's; a two hour nap and then back to bed for only 9 hours. . .Needless to say, we have been in nearly continuous meltdown mode since then. Today I picked him up from Day Care as usual and found myself saying a resounding "NO!!!!" when Pat said we should try for a girl. . .sigh. Bad timing! : )

Anyway, here are some pictures. . .and yes, Aidan had a blast at KK's pool!

With Daddy on the raft getting ready to be pulled:

With Daddy again on the raft:

This is the view of the cove from the deck of Uncle Rob and KK's house:

Aidan on Josh's lap (he's one of our godsons) on our deck and KK is the one who got cut off. . .Mosby is in the foreground (he didn't want to be left out!):And, Aidan found some of my magazines and decided it was good reading material!

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Joy said...

Thanks for the info yesterday. What great pictures. He just does not want the summer to end and I have to agree with him. I would melt down too if I had to come home.