Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tough Stuff!!!

Poor Aidan. . .He is having a tough time lately. He cannot seem to get over the fact that Mommy and Daddy can't be with him every day, all day and that he has to get up way earlier than he really wants to. Each morning this week, he has struggled with me when I get him up and whines and cries saying, "No! Night night!" Of course! Who doesn't want to go back to bed?

Today was the worst yet. I'm afraid Mommy wasn't not very patient with little man this morning and he cried harder than he has for a long time. To the point where he started the uncontrollable sniffing back the tears. I felt terrible and ended up just sitting and rocking him for a long time. . .which made us late. . .and we had a different sitter today since our usual one is on a long weekend vacation for her brother's wedding at Oak Island, NC (yes, about where Hanna is expected to come ashore--another story!) So, needless to say, the poor little guy started crying immediately when I dropped him off with the back up sitter. The only good thing is that he had already met her previously and does know her young son, whom he has played with several times.

But, suffice it to day, I felt like a failure of a mother before 8:00 am arrived! Not much better yet, either. Poor Aidan!

And, to make his day even more special, Pat will be picking him up about 2:30 this afternoon (about the middle of normal nap time) and we will meet at the Urologist for our consultation visit for "that" surgery. Poor Aidan!!

Then, we'll be off for hair cuts for the guys. . .Poor Aidan!!!

But, on the upside, we'll take him to see Grandma and Grandpa and hopefully that will put a smile back on his face and remove the perpetual whine from his voice. . .yes, I know he is two!

Swimming lessons start on Saturday (indoor pool) about during the midst of whatever we are expected to get from Hanna. That should be fun for Little Man!

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Lori said...

Stacey, My litle man still has little break downs when I drop him off at preschool...something about Mommas and their little me it hurts you more than it hurts him...I used to leave and cry in the car...