Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, September 26, 2008

Or maybe it's a. . . .

Sinus Infection! By Tuesday morning of this week, Aidan was really out of control--I'm talking, we practically needed a straight jacket!!--and there was swelling across his upper nose and under his eyes. So, off to the pediatrician we went. When I asked him if it hurt, he said "yes. . ." Poor little guy! So, now we're on Amoxicillan twice a day for two weeks. I came home with the medicine on Tuesday afternoon, gave him his first dose and by dinner an hour later there was already a huge change in his attitude and demeaner! Pretty much back to normal now. And he's eating better again, too! I just feel bad that I am so clueless as a mom that I didn't see it sooner. . .sigh.

And then there is the storm that is "hammering" the Carolinas and now coming up the coast to "lash Virginia and Maryland with wind and rain" (I just looooove the way weather folks talk! : ) ) It was showing signs of being tropical, according to the weather people. . .looked a lot like a Nor'easter to me, but I'm not a weather person. . .and then it was deemed to, in fact, be a Nor'easter. Well, any other weather anomallies you'd like me to check out? : ) I am enjoying our cooler weather. Until today, I've been able to get out and take nice walks through the little town I work in. When the colors change, I'll take my camera to post some pictures of it. It can be really beautiful around here in the fall.

My sister Amy sent Aidan a cute little candy bucket for Halloween! It's all decked out like a black cat. When I pulled it out of the box, Aidan laughed and said "Kitty cat!" And then I gave it to him. . .or maybe it's a hat???????

The shirt, by the way, was picked out by my niece, Kendall. Aidan loooooove's it because it has BB's on it. He points at his chest and says, "BB's on it!" Cute. . .


Teresa said...

Oh - Poor little guy - I am so glad he is feeling better! What a cute picture!
I love Halloween -Kevin isn't as into it as I am, but that doesn't stop me from putting up all those crazy decorations, etc.!

Joy said...

How is the costume coming a long?? It looks like he will be prepared for his first Halloween party.

I'm glad he is feeling a bit better. Some times you just need an antibiotic. Good thing you took him early.