Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, September 5, 2008

The whirling dervishes--Hanna, Ike & Aidan!

I know I've been posting a lot this week. There's just been a few things to say!

First, we have trouble brewing on the horizon. . .and their names are Hanna and Ike, also known as whirling dervishes #1 and #2 respectively! We have had no ill effects from Gustav, but Hanna is bearing down on the East Coast and is expected to come ashore tonight. This storm will be either a very strong Tropical Storm or a Minimal Hurricane. Either way, we are expecting heavy rain and wind through out all of Saturday. We live in Loudoun County which is included in the counties under a flood and Tropical Storm warning within Virginia. I'm not too worried about flooding at our house, but there will be some significant flooding around the county, I'm sure. The Potomac River does create the northern and eastern border of our town and county and this is just below where the Shenandoah River dumps into it. However, we are above the fall line so the shore is steep by several feet and we don't need to worry so much about flooding from the Potomac like Wahington D. C. and Alexandria do. We do, however, have Bull Run, Cub Run, Goose Creek and Sugarland Run along with several underground springs that will cause some flooding along roads and some yards. Again, though, this won't affect the immediate area around our home. Thank God for the inventor of Sump Pumps!!! And, thank God we don't live at our last house, which was built on top of one of those previously mentioned underground springs!

Pat has been told that he will be working a double shift today and will then work Saturday and Sunday evenings. If Hanna is bad enough, those shifts may end up as doubles. But, at least he hasn't been told to pack to go away! He will be able to come home, even if for brief periods of time. There have been storms in the past that he was gone for weeks at a time. Thank goodness that he will be around so Aidan can see him occasionally.

Ike is out there, too. And I'm a little more worried about that one. For the time being, Virginia Power is shoring up their work crews and Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company will likely suspend binding authority at some point today. . .Fun when the weather affects both employers of the family!!

On to news of Aidan, also known as whirling dervish #3, as bad as he has been over the past few days (yes, he is definitely two!) is as good as he was this morning. What a sweetie! I love it when he wakes up happy and is just happy and content with everything. . .But, I know the other Aidan is also just speaking up and showing his own personality. And, as hard as it is to take sometimes, I love him for it! I could just use a little of the good Aidan for a while! : ) He is just such a cutie pie!!!!

We took Aidan to see the urologist yesterday to discuss the surgery. It seems that this is actually a good time to do it for him--he's old enough that if there were any health issues that might be of concern would be known and also he has not been completely potty trained yet. So, we discussed all of the pros and cons and have decided to move forward with the surgery. We are now scheduled for Friday, October 24th at 9:00 in the morning. The good thing about this is that the doctor is a man I know from church! In fact, while I was on our vestry, I was the vestry liaison to the Preschool and Dr. O'Connor was the head of the Preschool Board, so we worked closely together for a couple of years on that project. So, this couldn't be better! I love it when you end up knowing and trusting the folks is whose hands you place your child's life, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Life is like the weather! You have your beautiful sunny days and you have your horrible hurricane days. That is what makes it all interesting! Just keep focused on the good days and remember the bad days will be over by bed time:)
Glad to hear that the surgery is scheduled. I am sure you will be happy once that is over! Love you!