Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More on the Scorpions and Aidanisms. . .

Okay, I have kept the music the same because I have to tell a funny story about the Scorpions--I've been laughing since reading Lori's post about dedicating the song to them!

I already mentioned that they were on tour in Kras while we were there. Somehow, we and the Jergers got it into our heads that they were staying at our hotel. It might have had something to do with the teenage girls hanging out out front with their autograph books or something! : ) Now, if you google Hotel Krasnoyarsk, you will see pictures of a fairly nice hotel. And supposedly, this is one of the nicer hotels in the area. Believe me. Pictures are deceiving. And I say that from the bottom of my spoiled-about-hotels little heart!!! This was not anywhere close to the Marriott Tverskaya, which was along the lines I am accustomed to.

Anyway, we had gone to see the kids at the orphanage early in the morning. When we got back, the teenage girls were at their post and we, Lori and I, decided to hang out in the lobby for a while to see who would come down. We should have gone up to our rooms to rest! To this day, I have no idea who was at our hotel. Someone with a Mullet hair cut and tight pants did come down, but, it sure wasn't the Scorpions! We spent the rest of the trip trying to sing the "Winds of Change" song, but all I could remember was "Down at Gorky Park. . ." Funny, funny memories!


Aya wan dat! Translation: Aidan wants that! (He says this about all toys and some foods.)

Mommy, on! Translation: Mommy turn the radio up!

Wook! Mommy, wook! Kool but! An deres anudder one kool but! Translation: Look! Mommy, look! School bus! And theres another school bus!

Wook, Mommy. Tractor air! Translation: Look, Mommy. Theres a tractor on a trailer.

Wook, Mommy! Kool but up! Translation: Look, Mommy! There's a school bus on that bridge!

Now, finally, here is a picture of cute little monster boy. . .

When he does something bad and knows it, like throwing his peet; spoon/fork; or spitting/hitting he will always put his hands on his ears. Now, at least he is showing he knows it was bad! Yesterday, he had taken his kitty cat (Tigger) to day care with him. When another little boy when to get it, Aidan bit him! Bad Aidan. But our sitter said he put his hands on his ears right away. While not excusing the behavior, at least he knew it was bad!

Here is what I am reading to try and eliminate most of the bad behavior. It's really interesting and Pat will read it next so we can do this together!

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Teresa said...

I love those translations! Soooo cute!!!