Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is back in the air. . .

"Hody Cow!!!" Some Aidanism's!!!

"Mommy, the snow crumbs are making a lot of noise!!" (snow crumbs are the pieces of ice and snow that are left after plowing or shoveling)

"Mommy, I want crackers on my cheese!"

"Mosby is eating his toes again!" (Mosby has allergies and licks his feet a lot when the allergies act up)

"Aidan, what would you like to watch tonight?" "Train Movie!!" (Polar Express) or "Dog Movie!!" (Marley and Me) or "Elephant Movie!!" (Horton Hears a Who)

"Aidan, we slept in today so we're not going to church. . .but, we're going to Sunday School." "We're not going to pray today, Mama?"

"My ready!!" (I'm ready)

In spite of Aidan being a little grump monster and me trying to come out of my grief funk, we had fun today with snow, a fire in the fire place and Christmas movies. . .some wrapping also got done and I even finished the Christmas cards that need to be mailed!! Tomorrow, our first package will get mailed. . .some Christmas progress!!


Barb said...

Stacy, really sorry to hear about your friend. You will all be in my prayers. In September, I lost a dear friend to a rare form of cancer so I understand what you're going through. Just keep hugging that little boy of yours! He's such a cutie!

Troy and Rachel said...

Love the Aidan"isms"!! We tried watching the Polar Express and Daniel was TERRIFIED of the beginning parts of the movie when the bratty kid kept saying they were going to get in trouble. He stood up shouted "He's going to be in bad trouble" and then shook like crazy - I had to turn it off, then fast forward to the end, which Daniel liked. Who knew!!

I love the photo you took and posted of Aidan's photo!