Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Crazy Week in Crazy Review

What a crazy week! And it wasn't necessarily about Christmas craziness either!

As previously stated, it snowed on Saturday. So, some time was spent outside in the snow:

Then on Sunday, we went to church and I taught Aidan's Sunday School class. What a mess! These are 3 year olds, mind you. . .Class starts at 10:10. . .and I was expected to take my class of three year olds to the Sanctuary, from our basement class room a building away, and have them there by 10:20 in order to learn how to be sheep for some play being done on the 20th. I had to take my group through the Parish Hall, which was, oh by the way, being used for the the Alternative Gift Market and was, therefore, very crowded with lots of adults! Anyway, we got back to our classroom, all children accounted for, by 10:40. . .enough time for a lesson on St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra and candy canes all around. . .

On Monday, we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Afterwards, Daddy took Aidan with him to take Grandma and Grandpa home while Mommy went back to Aidan's school for our first ever Parent Teacher conference--Aidan has been holding out on us on his smarts!! Very smart indeed!! He can write his whole name!

Tuesday and Wednesday found us finishing our Dining Room Floor, which turned out great! My husband does this kind of thing really well:

I got everything moved back in on Thursday and set the China Cabinet back up. It looks really great. All I need to do now are the curtains. . .after the first of the year. . .

while I was working in the Dining Room last night, I heard the tell tale sound of the sirens coming down the street. I called to Daddy and Aidan and we all made it outside in time to see. . .the Fire Engine coming around with Santa, Rudolf and Frosty in the back!!! We waved and they waved back . . .but Aidan wanted them to stop and come play in his room. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't!

Today, after school, Aidan was in a Trike-a-thon with the benefit going to St. jude's Childrens Hospital. He raised over $300.00!! Awesome!! And this was his first fund raiser, too!

Tonight was finished off with us beginning the process of putting up our tree and Aidan checking out the Advent Calendar.

This weekend should be much quieter: We only have a parade with festival down in town tomorrow and then Daddy and I are going out for a special dinner tomorrow night and then, Sunday is our Anniversary. Hmmmm. . .I'm beginning to see the wisdom of my parents when they looked at me a bit incredulously and said. . .you've picked what for your wedding date????

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