Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well. . .we have had our share, and someone else's, of snow! At last measure, around 4:00 this afternoon, we had about 22 inches of snow! It started last night about 9:00 and we were told we would have about 1-2 inches by morning and then the heavy snow would start and we would get about another 8-10 inches. . .well, they were wrong! There was at least 6, maybe 7 inches on the ground when I got up. I took these pictures at about 8:00 this morning:

Later on, Aidan "helped" Daddy shovel. Thank goodness for Snow Blowers!! We live on a pipestem, so we need to help with more than just our actual driveway. . .

And so, we ended the day becoming melted snowmen, and then going into the basement for movies and hot chocolate--where I realized that the basement is really buried!!

And, finally, when you have two big dogs, it is much nicer to have them come in and out through the basement rather than bring a foot of snow when them coming in the back door. . .or the front door!!

The view, five minutes ago. . .Yes, that is snow still coming down!

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Troy and Rachel said...

We had 28 inches total where we are and let me tell you it was crazy - we didn't even get a plow until late yesterday - I was happy to get out today! We had to shovel paths for our dogs because our littlest one got stuck in the snow - it was taller than she is!! Hope you're enjoying it!