Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Now The Fun Begins!!!

So, now we're off for a whole week! And, boy am I glad. . .there is so much to do during the next couple of days!!! YIKES!!! Okay, don't panic. . . deep breath. . .let it out slowly. . .okay, we can handle this. . .

Let me start at the beginning:

Pat works shift work. He started his 3-11 shift about 2 weeks ago and then was told that, because the guy on that shift next was out sick, he needed to cover that shift through the 23rd, which will be a double ending at 7:00 am on Christmas Eve. . .That's where the trouble begins. Then, we had a couple of Saturday storms: snow, then icy rain. Then, we had the doozy storm, which I've already posted about. But with all of that craziness, I have effectively been a single mom: unable to get the Christmas shopping completed not to mention grocery shopping for everyday items!

So, in anticipation of the storm last weekend, I did some major running around on Thrusday and Friday evenings, with Aidan in tow. Then I did some major online shopping on Thursday and Friday evening (all of those items have now arrived, too!). Yesterday, I went and did some of the grocery shopping. . .which included some for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was going to go and get the last minute things today at the Outlet Mall, but the line to get in there was horrendous. I'll give that another pass tomorrow morning after which I will go back to the grocery store to pick up the items I forgot on my list yesterday and then back to my office to pick up my cell phone, which I forgot there today. . . whew!!

Tonight I will wrap and begin to do some cleaning. Tomorrow afternoon I will finish cleaning and begin cooking. Hopefully, I can get enough done tonight and tomorrow that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be minimal work at most. I am hoping! I'm not even planning anything super elaborate! But, well, you know how it is! You gotta do it right for these kinds of big days. . .

I will all be okay. . .It will all be okay. . .I'll work on getting the things done that absolutely must get done. . .note to self: tell Pat to take vacation time during this week next year!!

And, here are some pictures from the day after the storm while we cleaned up what came during the night. . .

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