Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life's surprises. . .Sister Friends

I have to be honest that, since yesterday, I have just been going to through the motions of life as usual. I haven't had the patience that I would want with my son, my dogs, and even my husband. I have broken down and cried more than once. Life is so strange at times. . .

A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with brain cancer. . .she found out on Monday and I found out yesterday. The prognosis is not good. She was told it is inoperable and has been given 6-12 months, possibly 24 months at the outside. She likely will lose cognitive abilities by Christmas. She is one of the nicest sweetest ladies. . .and I don't spend enough time with her--we were planning to go to church together for Good Friday's Three Holy Hours. . .Why???????????

But, even in my grief induced haze, here is what we've been up to:

It snowed today! A lot. At one point, I would guess we had about 6 inches. . .I think it's still snowing, not sure. It's dark. It melted a lot early on and then late in the day. So, that 6 inches could easily have been 12. But, the funny thing is, the weather men, in their infinite wisdom, said it would not stick--maybe in the grassy areas, but definitly not on the roads. . .really. Here's a picture of what wasn't supposed to stick right after it started sticking!

In the midst of that snow, and just when it started to stick to the roads, I drove Aidan down to Ashburn for our weekly ice skating lesson. On Friday I had signed Aidan up for the next level of lessons, Snowplow Sam I which starts the first weekend of January. Today was evaluation day and his teacher told me that Aidan can move up to Snowplow Sam II--we're skipping a level. . .pretty amazing!!

So after our lesson, we went and watched the hockey game being played and then checked out the Zamboni--Aidan loves those things!, and then went to switch the lesson to Level II. Fun!

After Pat came home from work, albeit briefly, he and Aidan went out to play in the snow, giving Mommy a brief few minutes of some quiet time to collect herself. Aidan came in with the cutest round red cheeks! This doesn't do the cuteness justice:

I just love my son and especially his cute round cheeks!

And now, Pat is back at work, Aidan is watching Elf and I have the Caps game on: 2 minutes left in the Second Period and the Caps are winning 7 to 1. . .Crazy!

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day. Aidan will leave out his shoes tonight in the hopes that he has been good enough for a treat to be left in them. . .then we go to Church and Sunday School. Tomorrow afternoon the Redskins play New Orleans. . . I will wrap presents and watch a Christmas movie. . .who wants to be even more depressed, and on purpose???

And, so, what I am saying is that I am trying to enjoy my family, my fantastic life, and the lovely snow. Sometimes life brings you up short and I am reminded, with a swift kick in the rear end, that you are never assured of anything. Live life to the fullest, love to the fullest and enjoy it all, every day!

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Troy and Rachel said...

We got lots of snow too I just posted about it! Aidan sounds like he's doing great with his lessons!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. We will keep her and you in our prayers.