Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Sunday back

Sunday. Today is Passover for the Jewish Community and it also marks the beginning of Holy Week for the Orthodox community. Aidan comes from an Orthodox country. Should we mark it in some way for him? Should we recognize the Orthodox Easter, which is next Sunday? Or should we move right into the liturgical calendar of our church? Things to think on. . .

Today we will head to church. . .the first time since Palm Sunday for me and Pat and the first time ever for Aidan! I can't wait to see how he reacts/acts. We'll keep him with us during the service, but will likely take him to Children's Chapel during the Gospel reading and sermon.

This afternoon we will have a cookout with Grandma June and Grandpa Van. Aunty Becky and Uncle Bob will be here, too. It may be a rainy cookout, though. We woke up this morning to a Spring time thunder storm. Another first for Aidan and he slept right through it! Mama, on the other hand, was worried about how he would react--would he be scared?--and so got up about 6:00 am. Not a peep from him and it is now 7:30!

Aidan hasn't been napping well the last couple of days so he gets a little grumpy in the afternoon. I think it is a combination of things: he doesn't want to miss anything; and he is getting about 11 hours at night; adnd he is likely still trying to adjust to the time change--a week and a half ago we were still in Krasnoyarsk which is 12 hours different! I'm struggling still to adjust to that change!

Our friends Bill and Tamara should be getting custody of Anja soon. Please keep them in your prayers as they finish the process there in Russia. I know they are anxious now to end things there and get back home! They certainly have not had an easy time with it.

We're thinking of taking a long weekend at the beach sometime in late May or early June. We have plenty of Marriott reward points after these trips to pay for it without paying any cash! probably won't even make a dent in what we have earned in points! It will be so much fun to see Aidan's reaction to the ocean and the sand! I can't wait! I think we'll probably do Virginia Beach--it's closest( about a 3 hour drive) and we can't bear the thought of traveling more than that right now!

Pictures tomorrow of the hair cut (it's really cute!) our first cook out, and possibly of church.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan


Joy said...

I think the beach is an amazing idea. I think a little fun in the sun is in order.
I can not wait to see the pictures.

Lori said...

ok, history nerd...if you celebrate both Easters, will you get both mother's days also?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Aidan with his new do! Do what you want with all the different celebrations, but keep in mind you will be doing it forever. Do what you feel is best. I am sure going to the beach will be incredible! I can't wait to hear how he reacts to the sand. I love how he reacted to your backyard. He is an amazing little boy!

Tamara said...

Hello from Krasnoyarsk!

I just got Anja today and she has been so good. Very busy and a picky eater, but good. Her finger had been slammed in a door last Saturday, so three stitches to have removed once we're in the US. Can't wait to get to Moscow and see Bill and Soren. Love reading your blog. Helps remind me that it will be over soon! Looking forward to pics of the haircut!