Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

3 days to Pick up!

Today we went to the orphanage at 2:00 in the afternoon. Because we did this, we were able to eat Breakfast and then Dinner rather than a small amount for an early breakfast and then a late Lunch. It was a nice change.

We got to the orphanage a little after 3:00 this afternoon. On the way, Pat videotaped some of our trip showing that there are no discernable lanes. In addition, we discovered that the red light is optional! We did stop at a red light and then rolled into the middle of the intersection and then slowly moved on through it! I think we made it all the way through before the light turned green. Our driver just chuckled when we said something about it. We also discovered that Road Rage does happen in Russia. It just isn’t as common. Today’s ride was typical of our trips to the orphanage. When we return home, we’ll play the video for anyone willing to watch. But, we warn you, you may feel a little sick to your stomach just watching the video!

Anyway, when we got to the orphanage, we were taken to the usual playroom and then met there by Aidan. He didn’t cry this time when he saw us! He only whimpered a little but then came over and sat on my lap as usual. I did get him up from my lap pretty quick and we went around the room and played a lot. He laughed and smiled with us much more than he has of late and we had some real fun! Until it was time for him to be picked up, that is. He did cry and say “Nyet!” when I tried to go to comfort him when his caretaker hadn’t shown up. He did allow me, though, to take his hand and walk him back down the stairs to his caretaker. Then he turned and smiled at me and said “Paca!” I hope that’s a good sign!

When we got back, we all went to the Irish Pub for dinner. Not so Irish, although it was a Pub. Very smoky! I think we all left there with our stomachs not so full of food but our lungs definitely plenty full of smoke! I was going to wear this shirt again, but not now!

After dinner we went to the grocery store to stock up on water and soda and a few items of baby foods. We’re ready now!

A final comment on today: When travelling in a foreign country, please always remember how it is in our own country. We really want people to respect us and our customs. Perhaps we should remember that when visiting other countries as well. Just a thought.

Tomorrow we are back to our 8:00 am pick up for the orphanage. Two more days. . .then we pick up Aidan and bring him back to the hotel with us!

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