Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Settling In

Here are a few pictures, before and after the hair cut and showing the cool shades from Aunty Amy and loving on Maggie!

Aidan is settling in so well, it's almsot scary! He is copying us in so many ways with our behavior: yesterday he started folding his hands during prayer, even though he would really rather start eating! He is afraid of loud noises: garage door opener and vacuum so we're working on getting him to know he is not in any danger with that.
Sunday was our first family experience at church. Aidan did pretty good. It was hard to sit still so long, though. Next week we'll try Children's Chapel. That afternoon, we did a family cookout, and we discovered he loves chesseburgers! Just like Daddy. . .
We had rain the last few days, which was hard. Aidan loves being outside and anything having to do with being outside. So, I've been taking him out on errands. We have been to Target so much, I think I should buy stock in that store. I had to laugh yesterday, though. It appears that moms of toddlers take their children to Target. I was one of many there at 9:00 am sharp!
Aidan calls the Tahoe "Mama's BB" We went to fill it up yesterday and, needless to say, that hurt! When I got back in the car, I told Aidan that Mama's BB said "sluuuuurrrrrppp!" when I put gas in it. We had a laugh fest over that one! Then he fell asleep, as he usually does in Mama's BB!
Today was our first post placement Social Worker visit. It went really well. We talked for a very long time and we are all in concurrence that Aidan is doing remarkably well and is an intelligent young little guy! I already knew that!
Aidan doesn't really seem to be suffering from a bad form of Attachment Disorder, although I do think there may be some there. Yesterday, a friend of mine visited with her 14 month old daughter. I picked the littel girl up, who was so light I was afraid I might throw her through the ceiling because I'm so used to Aidan! When Aidan saw her in my arms he came over and hugged my leg and then reached up wanting me to pick him up! I loved it, but I know I should encourage that.
Anyway, that's it for now. Oh, and here's an awesome blog This is the couple we were with our Trip #2 and the little girl, Ellie, is adorable!
Stacy, Pat and Aidan


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!! He is just a wonderful little boy! I used to go to Target on a daily basis too when Kendall and Tyler were younger. It's a great time waster place! HA! And a money sucker! Aidan is perfectly normal that he wanted you to put the little girl down. You are his and only his! LOVE IT! He will learn as he gets older that you are not going to change that. From what you have said to me and written on here, it seems like Aidan has been in your life since he was born. He was born to be the both of your son! God is AMAZING! Love hearing the stories, keep sharing!

Lori said...

Thanks for throwing out my bloggie...I love his hair...and I love to see that he is doing so well with the dogs!!!!

Lori said...

BTW...since he so bright, you better start filling out the apps for Harvard:0)

Joy said...

I think you might be right about the Target thing. I am glad that you are having a ball with him.

Christine said...

Aiden is such a cutie!