Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prayer Request

I decided to make this a separate post. . .

Please pray for Tamara and Bill Holsinger-Robinson. They are the couple who were on the first trip to see their daughter when we came to Russia to meet Aidan last November. They are wonderful folks. They had their court date on Tuesday and received an answer similar to ours: they were not given a yes because the Ministry of Education did not do a final check with the mother that the child was truly available for adoption. Apparantly, the mother had come back about a year ago and indicated that she might come back for the daughter at some time. There has been no word about the mother since that time. . .The Director of our orphanage went to the mothers town today to see about getting the final signature making the child available for adoption. Please pray that God sees Tamara and Bill through this time of stress and sorrow and that the outcome is His will. They are such good people. . .I know that they would be wonderful parents to Anja. . .


Stacy and Pat

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are out to that family. Poor things. My heart aches for them. I have heard in your voice the terror of not being able to go through this. I can't imagine what they must be feeling. We will continue to pray for them.