Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Possible travel delay

So, we're just waiting to get Aidan's Russian passport now. There may be a day delay due to the day delay from Court. Hopefully not. We're ready to move on. . .

Aidan is doing great! He has bonded with Pat, as well as with me. He loves to run up and down the halls (about all there is to do here) and play with Daddy. Then he runs back and into Mama's arms. Bath time continues to be fun time and bed time continues to be a little bit of crying time. However, nap time today (right now) Aidan fell asleep two minutes after I put him in bed! That was the quickest yet.

The stroller has been invaluable for getting us out and moving around town. I recommend you bring one! It can be dropped at the gate for no extra charge.

One thing to know: The weight limit flying from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk is 20 kilos per person--that is quite a bit less than the 50 pound limit that we are allowed from the US to Moscow.

More later.


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