Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moscow, Day 2!

Another picture

Me standing by Aidan's crib at the orphanage.

Aidan’s medical has been completed. He is a healthy boy of normal size—28 pounds and about 2 ½ feet tall! He’s a big boy, according to us, but he is a cutie!

We’re struggling with the time change issue—4 hour time difference from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow. I’m hoping we can catch up over the next few days before we do the 8 hour time change!!! Yikes! I wonder what kind of a monster we’ll have after that?!?! No matter. He’s still my lovable and cute little boy! We went to bed at 6:00 last night (for Aidan after meltdown number 50) and 8:00 (for us after our 5th meltdown : )) but we were up at and ‘em this morning at a quarter to 4:00. Hopefully we’ll adjust a couple more hours today.

We’re all getting adjusted to being a family of three. This morning, we were laughing and running around the lobby of the hotel—yes, I’m sure they all just love us!—and Aidan would yell “Mama—Mommy!!” and run into my arms. Then, he would run back to Pat, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Daddy!!” I did see a few smiles, especially on the bell boy’s faces. . .They won’t see us again, so we just had fun! The bell boys are great. . .they help run interference for us at the automatic doors, which Aidan is heavy enough to trigger! Truthfully, I think they like the distraction of the children that come through here.

We’re really looking forward to coming home now. I think we’re tired of not hearing English spoken. However, there are so many English channels here in Moscow (about 6!), we’re never too sure what to watch! In honor of home, we have dressed Aidan in Redskins clothes a couple of times. Of course, when we go out and about, this only makes us more glaringly American. . .Oh well!

A couple of interesting observations:

On a trashcan outside the medical clinic, there was a small sign, in English, that said “Smoking can cause a slow painful death!” We had to laugh since it was written only in English! And, everyone here smokes, except the Americans! Go figure!

The people here in Moscow are much more tolerant of us Americans than they were in Krasnoyarsk. . .however, we’re still taking Aidan’s winter coat with us everywhere just in case a Babushka comes up to us and says “ ny, ny, ny!” and shakes her finger at us silly Americans taking our baby outside in the mid-60 degree weather with nothing but a light Spring jacket!

American's tend to stick together here in Russia. I guess we find strength in numbers. And, we have further divided ourselves: not into groups of Adoption agencies, but by Orphanage! It's pretty funny because each family tends to take ownership of the orphanage where their child came from. For instance, one can hear us saying. . . "Well, at our orphange, . . ." We did take a group picture today, though. And we didn't even situate ourselves by orphanage. . .however, we did separate by orphanage as we departed Red Square!

After our nap, which is blessedly now, we’re going to take Aidan to Red Square. We’re hoping to get a few good pictures of him in front of the Kremlin and St. Basil’s. But, we have to sleep first. No temper tantrums in Red Square, please! It just wouldn’t do to fling oneself on the ground and pound the ground with our hands and feet!
Bill and Tamara Holsinger-Robinson got a "Da!" Thank you for the prayers for them. . .Thanks be to God they can now move forward into becoming the family they were meant to be!

More soon!


Stacy, Pat and Aidan


Joy said...

We were looking at your pictures last night. I bet you are happy that you were able to get so many pictures of the baby home.

Have fun in Moscow.

Bill Holsinger-Robinson said...

Thanks for thinking of us while we went through our delay. I really appreciate your comments and prayers.

I've finally gotten some of our blog posts and pictures up here:

Looking forward to see pictures of Aidan in his new home!