Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One more day to visit!

We were back to our usual morning visit at the orphanage today. It's a little disruptive in the morning because each group comes in one at a time for music. Today, Aidan's group came in. When he saw his caretaker, he freaked out and wanted to go to her. She was told to leave and he immediately settled down and snuggled into my lap. I know he will be better once we have him away from the orphanage.

We played a lot today and did some fun things with Aidan. He smiled a few times. I am looking forward to the time when he will smile more spontaneously and without us having to work so hard for it. But, that time will come.

We have one more day to visit, tomorrow, and were told today that it will be in the afternoon. I do like the afternoon visits because we get to see Aidan at the calm point of his day--he has had lunch and a nap. . .He does like to eat and today he drank an entire bottle of tea. . .we won't be doing the tea thing once he's out of there, but he does tea daily now. Crazy to start a toddler on caffeine! Tomorrow we will go back to the Toy Store (one of our daily places to visit) to buy the umbrella stroller. Then, on Friday, we will leave the hotel, after transferring to a larger suite, around 5:00 pm to pick up Aidan. Then, he'll be ours forever! I hope he likes us. . .

I have to tell you of a few things we have observed the last few days: First, we have discovered a new bird. We will take a picture of it and post it with many others when we can use the Wi Fi more consistantly. The bird looks like a cross between a crow and a hawk and so we have named it the Siberian Crowhawk. It works, too. Second, there is constant noise here. Even when the door to our room is closed. . .Outside it's the speakers that are contantly blaring music and inside the hotel it is people walking down the wood floor hallways with the stilleto heels and
slamming doors. Pat, though, is loving the Dorm life!

Finally, last night we went to this place called the Irish Pub. Friends, it was definitely a pub, but not so Irish. They served German beer, it was very smokey and I think I would have had a concussion if someone had hit me in the head with my steak! Tonight we're trying Balkan. . .hmmmm. . .

Until tomorrow!



Tanya said...

No worries, Aidan will love you unconditionally!
Can’t wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your postings and find them very interesting. It's as if you are taking us with you. My heart goes out to you as you get ready to bring him home. I know that God answers prayers and Aidan will be bless with a great home and loving parents.

Take Care,

Judy (Campbell Insurance)

Joy said...

I just know that you are holding you little on as I write this post. I could not be happier for you all.

Teresa & Kevin said...

Congratulations!! We are so happy for you!! Soon you will be able to finally be home together as a family. Best wishes, Teresa