Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday's Tour of Krasnoyarsk

We spent our day off touring Krasnoyarsk. We went all over. We saw all of the symbols shown on the 10 ruble bill.

We were picked up at the hotel at 12:00 and taken first to the other side of the Yeniesey River, First we went up to an overlook that we could look down over the river. We could also see the ski slopes from this site. The monument here was about the fish that can be caught in the river. . .large Sturgeon.

Next we were taken to a poet’s house. He lived in this home, which is now a museum, until he went to the University. The home later became his dachau, or summer home. This picture is from his babushkas house where he was raised after his mother drowned in the river. His babushka had what was called a “beautiful corner” in her home where the family would have prayer and worship time each day. With the money he made, he built a church and a library in his town. Many of the farm items shown were very similar to early American farm items. However, the tour lady at the museum also provided home made Russian pancakes for us to try. Very yummy!

After the poet’s home, we were taken to the hydro electric dam. From this spot, much of Russia gains electrical power. It was nice to be out of the city to see trees and mountains!

We then travelled back toward the city and were taken for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. At this point, things got really interesting as our driver ordered a bottle of vodka and instructed us in how to drink it. We were given a shot and told how to drink three times 1) to health; 2) to the ladies present 3) to the one we love. We ladies were allowed to drink one shot for all three whereas the men were given three shots, one for each toast!

Then we travelled to a cemetery where we were shown a grave of a lady who had come from California to be with her love and the man left before she got here to go to California to be with her. Of course neither was ever able to reunite with the other because of the times and each died pining for the other.

After that we were shown the Krasnoyarsk military monuments to World War II and Afghanistan. This was followed by the Krasnoyarsk chapel on the hill and ended with the statue of the founder of Krasnoyarsk, the Cossack

On Saturday we were at the flea market where we heard a loud explosion. Being American’s in a foreign country, we all flocked together and began looking around wondering if that was a car bomb. It was scary! Today we found out it is actually a canon that is shot off at the chapel each day at noon! No wonder the Russians were all laughing at us!

An enjoyable day! We will be leaving for the orphanage again at 8:00 tomorrow morning!

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Joy said...

It sounds like this was an interesting day. I bet you can not wait to get your hands on your little man again.