Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two days in Kras left!

Nap time. . .

Aidan has begun to fight sleep time in a big way! I think he is afraid he is going to miss something. Do you all remember feeling that way? Pretty funny. I pat his back for several minutes while he squirms, fighting the inevitable sleep to come, and then he crashes. Last night I tried to stop patting twice, both times well before he had fully crashed. He turned over, reached up to me and I started patting again. He immediately flipped back over and resumed his process of going to sleep.

Our days are measured by eating, playing and then nap or sleep time. Each evening we have our bath, too. We is not used euphemistically either. . .we all and the entire bathroom get a bath! : ) But, it is fun time. Aidan loves baths!

Today he has begun to struggle when we change his diaper. I'm not sure why and am hoping that will stop soon. Hopefully it is a passing thing. He got up a half hour early this morning and has missed about 2 hours sleep in total since Friday from what he is used to so I think he is just exhausted. He's being really good, though, especially when you consider all of the changes he has had over the last few days. I think once we get home and he is on a routine that will remain the same he'll do even better. He's such a cute little guy with the best laugh that it is hard to get too worried about the diaper or sleep time issues.

Tomorrow is our last day in Krasnoyarsk. We're looking forward to a change in scenery with our return to Moscow. We'll be there for a week and then home again!

I haven't properly thanked you all for your continued prayers lately. We really appreciate them!

Blessings and much love,

Stacy, Pat and Aidan


Anonymous said...

Give Aidan something to distract him while you are changing his diaper. Like a toy or even a lollipop!!! Take it away when he starts to squirm. Once he settles down, give it back to him. Sleep will come with him. He has had a ton of changes. He relies on you for comfort. You are doing the right thing. Once you are home, you can establish a routine. I am certain of that! He sounds wonderful and normal for a little boy who is about to turn two! I will try calling you your Tuesday morning! LOVE YOU! Amy

Anonymous said...

Awww... sounds so ... so... family-like!!:) Glad to hear there has been such good times for all of you. A little fussiness can be expected... Its so cute that he reaches for you to comfort him when he is trying to fall asleep... I bet he didn't have anyone sit with him until he fell asleep in the orphanage... he probably loves that you are there... Hugs and prayers for all,
Allison and Robin

Joy said...

I showed Gerard your son's picture last night. All he could do was smile. Those eyes of his are so bright. I can not wait to hear more.