Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

What a busy week we had! Aidan started his new class on Tuesday and is doing really great. He transitioned so easily, I keep wondering now if maybe we're past all of the attachment issues. Probably not, but at least we have made major progress in that Aidan easily adapts to change.

He is learning to recognize alphabet letters (he knows the alphabet, but I wasn't sure he new the actual letters). While playing on the Smart Cycle last night that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for Christmas, he demonstrated that he actually does know his letters. Amazing. He zoomed right through on the alphabet game! I think we're going to have to see if Santa can bring the next level of game cartridges.

Aidan is also learning his shapes, colors and numbers. He already knows his colors and how to count to 15, but shapes was another area we needed to work on. This month we're doing circles and the color red. I'm not sure what we're working on for numbers. I guess I'll find out. Back to School night (Aidan's--and thus, mine too--first!!) which is September 24th.

His demeanor in the evening has been so much better since we started at this school, it is amazing. His time is structured during the day and now he doesn't mind, as much, when we put boundaries on him at home. thanks be to God!

Today we start swimming lessons. After how much he learned playing in the pool in the summer, I am anticipating that this will go much smoother than last year. I had to cancel his spring lessons because of double ear infections, but he did really well anyway over the summer. I think he'll really pick it up this time around. Needless to say, because of Excited Boy syndrome, I didn't tell Aidan about the Swimming Lessons ahead of time. : )

Daddy is working all weekend so Mama will be taking Aidan to swimming lessons and to the Ministry Fair at church tomorrow--more about the Ministry Fair some other time. Sunday School starts tomorrow as well, so Sunday will be pretty tiring for all. But, later in the day, excitement!!!! Redskins v. Giants!!! Woo Hoo! And so it begins. . .

We're so busy all of a sudden, I guess I shouldn't be so upset that my Beginning Knitting class got cancelled.

I was trying to find the pictures of Aidan from last year at the hunting camp. When I do, I'll post a comparison. But, for now, here he was last Monday, all decked out, and hanging out with Daddy and the guys. . .

Thanks to the Deep Woods Off, they didn't come home with any ticks--Yeah!!!! Chiggers, which resulted in a call from the preschool, but no ticks!

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Troy and Rachel said...

So glad he loves his class and the transition was easy. It makes things easier for us Moms too! Daniel also knows his alphabet, but I don't think he really recognizes the letters so we need to start working on that. Sounds like Aidan is doing great.

I hope we can all get together soon!