Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can you say "Whew!!"?

Whew!! What a weekend!! And it's only 1:00 pm on Saturday!

Last night, a friend of mine came over to dinner and then she and I played Scrabble while Aidan watched a movie--Cars, of course. We had a blast! We used every tile and came up with some fantastic words. I can't wait to play again and am promising myself to read up on my dictionary to have even better words next time.

This morning, we were up early and started cleaning house. Most of it is done--just my bedroom, the kitchen and the floors left. Then, Aidan had an appointment at 9:30 for his annual flu shot. . .not fun!! Two suckers later, he finally stopped crying. He not only survived, I also got him on the list to be a first recipient for the Swine Flu vaccine. With him only being 3 and with his lung issues, he gets to be one of the first. Thanks be to God! I have to admit, although I'm not panicky about such things, I was a bit worried because so many of these folks getting that flu end up with pneumonia. That is NOT something I want Aidan to ever experience if I can help it! I've already stocked up on his albuterol and have his Nebulizer plugged in and ready, just in case.

When we got home from the doctors, I cleaned some more and then it was time for our third swimming lesson. Honestly, Aidan is doing soooooo good at this! If he would just stop, listen, and be patient we could get even further. . .right. . .he is a 3 year old boy! : )

After swimming lessons, McDonalds. And here is a happy boy:

Tonight, we have a sitter coming and Mama and Daddy will be going out to celebrate our neighbors 40th birthday. Fun!

And then there is tomorrow:

Church, then Sunday School and then Daddy is taking Aidan to a Car Show (more on that subject next time). . .then, after nap (during which time Mama will be holding her breath while watching the Redskins play against Detroit), PUNKINVILLE!!!!

Thank you God for weekends!

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