Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aidan Self-Portrrait

When I went to pick up Aidan the other day, I was handed this fantastic self-portrait that he had done--with help, of course. It is life sized, of course. His teacher drew the outline of his head and body and then he drew the face and the rest.

So, here is our conversation about the Aidan Self-Portrait:

Mommy: Aidan, what is this?
Aidan: It's Aidan!
Mommy: What is the green here on your hands?
Aidan: Playdough, Mama!
Mommy: What is the green stuff here on your tummy?
Aidan: It's Yummy Nummy in my Tummy Tummy!
Mommy: I really like your smile.
Aidan: Thank you, Mama!

Aidan also has learned how to recognize his name spelled out. He has to find his own seat at school which has his name written out on the back of the chair. He's doing so good at school. . .

With Aidan's help, Mama put the Aidan Self-Portrait on the wall of Aidan's room. It looks really good there, too!

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Troy and Rachel said...

I love it - a life size Aidan on paper!! You can tell he knew what he was doing when he drew play-doh in his hands! Too cute and what a great idea!