Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, September 7, 2009

No rest for the weary. . .

Labor Day! We're off work and school. . .and yet, we were awakened at 5:45 by "Excited Boy," who we rather recklessly told, he was was going up to the hunting camp with Daddy today. Sigh. So much for sleeping in!

And so, we got him all dressed in his camoflage, head to toe. After he was fed, snacks packed, they were out the door to head up to the camp to scout and set up the trail cameras and tree stands in anticipation of Hunting Season, which doesn't start until the first Saturday in October. No guns today. . .and no guns for Aidan for a few more years--and after he takes the Hunter Safety Course!

But, here's my little cutie all dressed and ready to go--He was really anxious to get out the door!

Daddy took a really awesome picture of the kiddo at a Spring at the camp last year. He's planning to take another one in the same place this year. I can't wait to compare the two!

But, back to the being awakened early by "Excited Boy." I'm beginning to be a little worried about Christmas. If Aidan gets this excited about going up to the Hunting Camp--and he isn't even hunting yet, exactly what time will he be getting up on Christmas morning??? I'm don't think we will be going to Midnight Mass this year!

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Troy and Rachel said...

This sounds so like us - Troy is an avid hunter and can't wait to get Daniel out there - but I agree - hunting safety course for Daniel first!!