Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Redskins!! Please???

After working for quite a while on it, Aidan was finally going around all weekend saying, "Go Redskins!!" He even was yelling it during the Cowboys game ; ). . .very cute. And, although he hung in there with Mama for a while during the actual game yesterday, this was his real reaction to how they were playing, or rather lack thereof:

Soon after, Aidan could be found outside with Daddy riding his bike.

I'm sure the Redskins have some kind of plan. . .I just can't even begin to imagine what it is. . .why in the world is Jason Campbell still the Starting Quarterback??? He is so not a leader on the field!

Swimming lessons went great! I was never too sure what Aidan got out of his lessons last year, but he actually remembered everything as well as many things we had taught him throughout the summer. He'll be a little fish in no time!

Sunday found Aidan helping Mama at her Parish Historian booth during the All Parish Ministry Fair. We arrived at church a little after 8:00, attended the 9:00 service (Aidan spent the first part in the Nursery and I then went and got him in time for Communion). We then had our first Sunday School experience (jury still out, but he didn't hate it at least!) and then played for a while on the church playground. We then went back into the Parish House for a final bit at the Ministry Fair. About 12:00 noon, Aidan asked me, "Do we live here Mama?" At that point, I realized this poor child, who had been exceptionally good all day, had had enough. So, we packed up and went home to hot dogs, naps and football.

What a great weekend! What a great kid!!

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