Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of summer. . .

Wow. It's the end of summer! Ordinarily, July and August drrrraaaagggg slowly by for me--I don't like the intense heat and humidity that we usually get at that time. But, this year, we were so busy during July and August that all of a sudden it's September! I hardly even noticed the heat this year. . .

Aidan's last day of Preschool II was on Thursday. His school was closed on Friday so that the teachers could get re-organized and ready for the new year. He starts the Pre-K class for three year olds on Tuesday.

I took the day off Friday to be with Aidan and we really didn't do a whole lot. Really just played, ran errands and had a good time just being together--just Mommy and Aidan. Then, that evening we went to the Mall with Daddy and bought some more fun clothes and then went to dinner.

About the clothes. . .remember I went clothes shopping for Aidan at the beginning of August during tas-free weekend??? Well, we had some really cool nights last week--down into the 40's!!--and we actually wore a couple of the new PJ's--long sleeves and long pants. The first night, Daddy gave Aidan his bath and then we all went down to the Rec room to watch TV. I took one look at Aidan and said, out loud, Uh Oh! The brand new PJ's just barely fit! Oh my Gosh!They are supposed to be snug, but just looking at him I knew they weren't going to last the winter!! Ooops!

So, we went into the Laundry room and measured Aidan. Just look at how much he has grown!!

That is 1 1/2 inches since his birthday in May and 7 inches in the 16 months since we've been home! Yikes!! I think he'll be over 6 feet tall when he's finished. . .

Friday, Aidan and I took Maggie to the vet. She is healthy and well, just a little over weight. . .87 pounds. I think she probably needs to lose at least 10 pounds and possibly 15--that's 3 of us for the new fall diet we start on Tuesday! While there, Aidan stepped on the scale and he weighed 39 pounds!! Only one more pound to go before we switch to the booster seat in the car. . .But, no diet for Aidan. He and Mosby remain the slim and trim two of our family.

I sure hope he doesn't outgrow the Halloween costume I cut out for him last night before he gets to wear it next month!!

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