Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years...

9-11-2009 Wow. It's been eight years! Today is one of those days that kind of creep up on you and then you become nstalgic for the days of innocence that ended eight years ago yesterday. . .at least for my generation, that is. I pray that my sons generation can achieve a more peaceful world: if his personality has anything to do with it, it most definitely will.

One note, without looking back too much:

I take exception to the headline in a newspaper to the north which reads, "On this date every year we are all New Yorkers." No offense to New Yorkers. I know they had a huge tragedy. But, that takes away from the tragedies that occurred on the same date at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania. And it takes away from all of us who had fighter jets doing manuevers overhead for weeks afterward. And it takes away from all of the families across this great nation who have lost someone due to the tragedies of that day. And so, I say:

On this date every year, we are all Americans.

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