Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Gotta Fast Car

Well, because of the heavy rain yesterday, the car show was not well attended. . .so Pat and Aidan didn't go. Aidan was bummed at first, but truly he'll survive. He is so into cars! Daddy has a '73 Corvette affectionately known as "Daddy's Cool Beep Beep." I think Corvettes are his favorite--KK and Rob each have one--red and blue respectively--and then another friend of ours has a yellow one. Whenever we drive down the road and Aidan yells out "Cool Beep Beep!" we know that there is a Corvette near. . .sure enough, five cars up and to the left, or something. . .he never misses them.

There will be another Car show and Aidan will enjoy it just as much as he would have today.

After the pathetic excuse of a football game that the Redskins sort of played at, we went over to Pumpkinville and bought a couple of pumpkins, some apples to make Apple Butter, and some Apple Cider. Aidan loved it there! Now we have to go back and take him on the Hay Ride and the Moon Bounce. . .

While watching that pathetic game, I was able to get the hood of Aidan's costume done. The body is mostly done--I just have to do the elastic in the wrists and ankles--and then make the hands and feet. Still a month to go, so plenty of time!

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Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks again for your email! Aidan looks so cute in that picture - I just love Fall stuff, Halloween, pumpkins, etc.!
My 3-yr. old nephew is so into cars, too - I always know what to bring him when I see him!
Hope you're having a great week...