Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm truly not trying to wish my life away.  I just really don't like such hot weather!  At least it feels much better today.

I'm going to take Aidan to the pool for a few hours and then this evening we'll be getting together with Grandma and Grandpa for dinner.  A nice relaxing Sunday. . .

Yesterday the tile for our Kitchen was delivered.  After looking at it, Pat panicked a bit and has now decided to hire someone to come and actually lay it for us.  That's fine.  It is a person recommended by our neighbor and it should be done in about two days.  He'll call tomorrow to set that up.  I know he was stressing about doing it, so I am actually glad he will hire it out, even though it will cost us a little more.  We just have a few funny spaces: closet in the Mud Room, pantry, desk area and refrigerator area.  This way, though, the hardest thing Pat will have to do is to move the refrigerator down to the man cave.  We may have to wait a week or so before the new refrigerator is delivered, but we'll survive.  We are up and down the stairs for things stored down there all the time anyway.

In the meantime, I have been busy getting things organized around here.  I will take the opportunity of having to empty our the Pantry for the new floors to get that cleaned our and organized (it hasn't been done since we were in between trips to Russia!), as well as doing the closet in the Mud Room.  I also need to finish organizing the new desk:  books and filing.  I've also cleaned out Aidan's closet and dresser and piled several items for an upcoming yard sale in one of the guest rooms (what a mess it is in there!!).  Next I'll be organizing things for that yard sale, scheduled for Saturday, August 21st.  I also need to clean up the Rec Room in the basement and sort through toys Aidan has outgrown or doesn't play with anymore.  However, as all moms know, once you take things out that they don't have any interest in they are then suddenly interested!!! 

Next weekend is our Tax Free weekend.  I am hoping to get a few shirts and pants, socks and underwear, tennis shoes and good shoes for Aidan to supplement what he has for the coming fall.  After cleaning out his dresser and closet, there's plenty of room!

And finally, two weeks until Pre-season football!!!  I'm excited to see if the Redskins can actually do something this year!

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Barb said...

Hope it doesn't stay too hot for you with all the cleaning out you're doing! I just got a chance to look at your beach photos - looks like you all had a blast!