Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Suggestions For Folks in the Russian Process

shhhhhhhh. . . .we went to the other side for church today. . .Yes, folks, us Protestants went to the local Catholic Church this morning.  It was very nice.  As Episcopalian's, the service felt friendly and familiar.  In fact, it was almost exactly the same!!  Which points up that we are, as Protestants, Catholics in Protest. . .hmmmmm. . . .Anyway, the only differences were that we did not receive the wine--a little strange, but okay, AND Aidan could not receive (let's not go down the road of Protestants receiving communion in the Catholic church, okay??).  In our church, Aidan can receive bcause he has been Baptized.  This wouldn't really be an issue except that he has received communion before.  And he noticed.  And he commented. . ."Mama, I don't get any??"  That about broke my heart.  We'll probably go back so I need to figure out how to talk to him about this.  The funny thing is that I am about 99% positive Aidan was baptized in the Russian Orthodox church at birth and therefore is more acceptable in the RC church than we are because of that!!! 

Also, for all those in the midst of a Russian adoption, I would recommend a book:  Edward Rutherfurd's Russka.  It is written compassionately and pretty close to historical.  As someone who studied Russian History, I think it is a good choice to get your feet wet on old Russian history (pre-Soviet).  And it can help with understanding where your child comes from and how the current government works--not a whole lot different than Tsarist Russia, just different names for the groups of people!!

Another suggestion for you all is a periodical, which I received while we were in the process:  Russian Life magazine.  You can look for it at  I really enjoyed it and may get it back. . .someday. . .when life isn't soooo crazy!!  : ) 



sonflowerjax said...

OH my gosh! I don't know how I didn't see your last two posts! I will look into that magazine and book! We picked up Natasha's Dance at Barnes and Noble which is a cultural history book...but very lengthy. AND, I wanted to say that Aidcan's circle time story on food is hysterical! :)

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

You'll like Russka. . .It is Historic Fiction, but the historic parts are pretty close to completely historic. And it shows Ivan Grosudar (the Terrible--literal translation is Awesome) in the true light. . .not really Terrible at all. The magazine, as I said, is awesome. Enjoy!