Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Bit Tired, and Here's Why!

Not really liking this background. . .gonna have to figure out what I want now that the trucks were taken away. . .

Anyway, we're seeing some signs of Fall lately:
*The school buses have been out and about.  School doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day, but the drivers are getting used to the new routes.
*The Ragweed has begun to wane. . .thank goodness!!
*There were pumpkins at the Vegetable stand the other morning. . .I wonder if they were harvested early because the excessive heat we've had this summer???
*Aidan and I saw a flock of geese beginning to gather, and then take off!!, over by our airport the other morning.  They swung around, toward the south, and were in V formation. . .
*And, that evening, when we went to the bank, there was a notice in the window about the Waterford Home and Craft Show, which is the first weekend in October. . .could that really be only just over a month away???
*Aidan begins his transition to Pre-K on Monday and he'll be over there permenantly on the 7th.  We received the Transition Schedule this week.  Should be a smooth process!

Aidan has been saying some really funny things lately. . ."I want a Sister" has been the number one hit this past week.  Nearly every day.  I finally asked him why and he told me because he wants someone to play with.  Oh.  : (  I then explained that Mama would rock the Sister, read her stories and put her to bed, and that she would still be here in the morning. . .AND Aidan would have to share his toys. . .Hmmmm. . .let's think about that one. . .then on Friday morning I got, "I want two brothers."  Really?  What happened to the sister??  "I want a sister and then two brothers."  Man oh man!!!  LOL!!

A friend of mine and I had a yardsale today.  Pretty good!   I made almost $60. and she made a little over $100.  We had a good time and think we just might do it again. . .in the Spring. . .when it isn't sooooooo HOT!!  Her daughter Catherine and Aidan had fun, too, playing with their old toys, some of which are actually GONE!!  : )
Sadly, the couch didn't go. . .and strangely, we had a lot of requests for TV's and tools!!  Funny!

Funny, though, right after we were done, we came in for some lunch.  While eating, the Tuscarora High School football team came around for a fundraiser. . .Pat gave them $20 from my yardsale cash. . .then the band came by and there went another $10. . .the cheerleaders were supposedly in the neighborhood, too, but we didn't hear from them. . .thank goodness!!  I probably wouldn't have any yardsale money left!  Tuscarora High School opens, for the first time ever, on September 7th.  Brand new school right around the corner from us.  This is where Aidan will go, in 2020!! when he starts high school.  So, we're all about supporting them.  Go Huskies!!

The tile work has begun in the kitchen, mudroom, and pantry.  Of course, that means I'll be reorganizing and cleaning out those spaces for the rest of weekend. . .after I get caught up on laundry! 

AND, this also means we're working on ordering our new frig.  We've decided on the big Samsung with the French Doors refrigerator on top, the third drawer (for juice and kid snacks) and the pull out drawer freezer.  That also means the frig needs to be cleaned out and then moved down to the Man Cave. . .sigh.

AND, we are also now looking at new dishwashers. . .ours was recalled.  We found one we like and it is really nice.  With the recall rebate we'll get, it's really not a terrible amount out of pocket. . . really.

And, so, that's about it for now. . .except. . .HOW 'BOUT THEM 'SKINS?!?!?!?  They play tonight at 7:00.  Can't wait!


Doug and Shelly said...

Hi Stacy! Thanks for the posts about the restaurants on our blog! It's nice to know that there will be some "regular" food available! :)

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
With a house, always seems like the work never ends! But, it always feels good to update and get rid of old stuff!
I hope we keep in touch!