Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Transitions and Visits

My mom is coming to visit in two weeks.  I'm really glad.  I look forward to seeing her and it will give her a break from all the things she has been dealing with this summer.  It's kind of funny, we had intially thought we would go out to Nevada to visit her. . .but the cost of three round trip tickets was astronomical!!  So, we paid for a little more than half of her ticket to come here.  And now she really needs that break!!  God works in some really awesome ways. . .She arrives on the 1st and will go back home on the 6th.  It's going to be a nice long weekend. . .during which time we will just enjoy eachother and spend some time doing a little bit of touristy things.

Next week, Aidan begins the transition process into the Pre-K classroom.  I am not worried because it is the class I drop him off at each morning, so he is already used to it.  He will spend a couple of hours there each day and then the following week, he will spend about half the day there.  Then, on September 7th, he will be in Pre-K full time.

I'm really excited about the curriculum that is coming up.  In addition to the computer time, work with reading, math and science, the school has added Smart Boards, which are like interactive White Boards, to the rooms.  This will assist in the reading, spelling and many other learning avenues.  AND, Aidan will have daily Spanish lessons, daily art and music lessons and daily physical education class.  This is sooo cool!!  He's going to love it and will come home spouting information about how to use pi, I'm sure!

I wonder if he'll get bored when he starts Kindergarten????


Troy and Rachel said...

I know you'll enjoy your mother's visit! And Pre-K - wow!! It sounds like he's going to learn so much! Whatever will we do with these smart boys of ours?!

Barb said...

Your pre-k sounds amazing! He is gonna have a great time!!