Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Non-Stop Talking!

We've had a busy week.  Monday I took Aidan to the pediatrician to have those pesky immunization shots we had skipped done.  Last week I heard on the news that Whooping Cough was on the prowl across the US so I called the doctors office to see if that was one of the ones he needed. . .yep. . .so in we went to get the MMR, DPT and Polio vaccinations: two in one arm and one in the other.  Poor little guy!!  I took him to school on Tuesday, but probably should have kept him home.  By the time we picked him up, his left arm where the MMR and DPT had been given was slightly swollen and red--he'd been scratching at it all day!!  And he was running a low temperature.  At home, he hardly ate AND went to bed really easily. . .quite unusual.  I gave him a bit of Motrin and he slept soundly from a little after 8:00 until I woke him at 6:30. 

On Wednesday, Aidan was doing a lot better and by today he was back to his normal self!!

Today was a pretty busy day at work, and I got a lot done, but I don't think I paid the attention to some folks I should have.  I'll have to do better tomorrow. . .Coming home made it a lot better.  Aidan was talking non-stop all night.  It was pretty funny. . .I tried to watch a movie that I hadn't seen before Message in a Bottle and was totally struck by the irony that I found an old high school friend today who is the current Copy Editor for the Chicago Tribune. . .but I couldn't really tell what was going on in the movie I watched (the main character works for the Tribune) because Aidan was talking so much!!  He's just like my mother. . .

One of the things Aidan told me tonight, in his non-stop dialogue, was that Octopus' and Jellyfish sleep during the day and play during the night and that means, "they are Nocturnal, Mama!"  Really!  He said that!  Which makes me a little less irritated that our tuition went up to $300.30 a week. . .

Tax Free Weekend starts tomorrow.  We're taking Aidan to get fitted for real shoes tomorrow night.  I mean, we're actually going to take him to a shoe store and have his feet measured.  No Target $10. shoes this time!!  : )  And I have two 20% off coupons for Gymboreee!!  I'll use one tomorrow night and the other on Saturday (they exprire on the 8th). 

That's it for now!

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