Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, August 27, 2010

More On Our Blessed Life

The radio station I listen to, a Christian Rock station, had a lady call in with a personal tragedy yesterday morning that just broke my heart.  As she talked about her issue, she explained how much fear this tragedy was placing in her heart.  The radio station DJ stopped her right there and said fear is not from God.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  I had forgotten that acronym and wanted to mark it to remember for myself when/if that emotion comes up to me again.  Because it is true! 

The story pointed out to me out fortunate and blessed we are.  We live in a beautiful town in a beautiful state.  We have a great family, great son, and although sometimes a bit slobbery, two wonderful dogs.  We are not in want or need and always seem to be able provide more to our lives while still giving to others.  Thanks be to God!

As for providing more to our lives, the kitchen floor adventure continues.  Here are a few before and during pictures:

We're hoping to get a lot of the tile laid this weekend and then we can seal it next week.  Then we can get the new refrigerator and dish washer delivered and start getting things back to normal.  It's rough having the kitchen all torn up!  But we're surviving!

Aidan is in the midst of transitioning to Pre-K.  From what I hear, he is doing fantastic with this.  When I dropped him off yesterday, I spoke with the new teacher, Miss Mandy.  I told her Aidan is really smart but that he has a hard time sitting still.  He may appear as though he isn't listening, but he hears and stores all of it.  To this, she replied by telling me a great story of Circle time from the day before.  Picture the children all around her, sitting in a circle.. .
Miss Mandy:  "Where does food come from?"  Aidan immediately raises his hand and waves it in the air. . .
Yes Aidan?  "Grandmas House!"  Okay.  Where else?  "Grocery stores!"  Good, but I'm looking for something else. . ."Restaurants!"  LOL!!!  Miss Mandy then went on to talk about farms and vegetables growing in the dirt and cows with milk, etc. . .: )  Truly, we do have food in our house that we cook and we really eat it!!!

Back in the regular classroom, things are winding down and the teachers are doing more and more fun things for the children.  Yesterday, Aidan came home with his face painted as a bear.

It was absolutely adorable but boy did he put up a fuss about NOT wanting to wash his face during bath time last night!!

This year has been so hectic and crazy.  After an extreme winter, very short Spring and an extreme summer (complete with serial stabbers, murders, and murder suicides. . .which brought the news trucks to our narrow streets which have been under construction for months for water line replacement and sidewalk additions!!) I am really looking forward to a nice LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG QUUUUUUIIIIIEEEETTTT fall.  We need a little quiet time around here. . .I think we'll have that too. . .Well, except for the swimming lessons twice a week, ice skating lessons once a week, Preschool fund raisers and hunting season, that is!

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