Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 9 in Siberia

Today we went back to the orphanage after having not been there all weekend. I was nervous about it thinking that Aidan would cry. At first, he did. In fact, he took one look at me and started to cry and said "nyet. . ." But then he came over and sat on me. I think he is very shy and gets nervous around people he isn't sure of. I think he feels okay with me, but there were a lot of people in the playroom today.

Today was the 2nd birthday of the little girl who is being adopted by the other couple here with us this time. So, we had a birthday party, with cookies and cake, played games and music and had a rather enjoyable time. Aidan, in between filling his mouth as full as he could with the cookies, really relaxed and started to really play with us. He was even opening up to Pat by the end of our time and letting him get closer than ever before. It was really a lot of fun. At the end of our time, instead of running out of the room for his lunch, he turned and waved, smiled a little and said "Paca" which is Russian for bye-bye. It was really cute. He really was a cutie today, ducking his head and giving us many little elusive smiles.

Tomorrow we will go back again, but not until the afternoon. I'm hoping he will be full from lunch and ready to really play like he did our first day. Today was good, though.

We're getting tired of things here, but we know that our time is getting shorter. We're scheduled to pick up Aidan on Firday evening and I think time will go faster after that. The food, though, sheesh! What I wouldn't give for a big juicy steak and what Pat wouldn't give for a big fat Cheeseburger! In our dreams only, for the time being.

We took an awesome tour around Krasnoyarsk that I wrote about. When we can actually get on Wi Fi again (I'm in the Business Center right now) I will upload what I wrote about that with the pictures we took. It was fun!

Until tomorrow, please keep us in your prayers that we don't go stark raving mad! Dreaming of you all, the good weather you're having, and feeling your prayers all the time.

Stacy and Pat


Anonymous said...

Sound like all is going really well. You are not missing much on this side of the earth. It has been cold and rainy and perfect weather for the grass to grow, you know how happy Doug is. Keeping you everyday in our prayers. Lia

alcornell5 said...

Hey there,
well, its sunny and 70 here, but it is almost always sunny and 70 here... sigh... so, if you are ready for some serious beef, what have you been eating?
I know you will be glad to get Aidan and get back to "civilization" again... prayers continue...
Allison and Robin