Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checking things off the list!!

We've been busy. . .we've gotten quite a few big items checked off our things to do list. Yesterday I mailed off our Visa applications with our passports and we should have those back, barring any complications, by the end of the week; I bought our tickets, round trip, for both to and from Moscow and from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk and back. . .yikes!!! but then, it's actually a little less than our first trip. . .I arranged for our final medicals to get our lab work and chest x-rays, which will be done this afternoon; care for our two dogs, Maggie and Mosby. and the cat, Cleo,and Sam the Japanese Fighting Fish has been arranged; and we have put in for our time off from work! Now I can concentrate on getting the cash we need together, paperwork we have to hand carry together and arrange to have our bills paid while we are gone and have our mail held! I think we are doing well! And we still have two weeks until we leave! Hopefully, the rest will go so smoothly. . .

Oh! and we set Aidan's baptism for May 18th at Pat's parents church! It will be wonderful!

I talked to our agency yesterday to try and figure out what we need in the way of money for this final phase. It's still a lot left to pay: mostly for the hotels, though. And I was told that we will hopefully be in the Hotel Krasnoyarsk, but there is no guarentee we won't get bumped like we did last time. I really hope we don't get bumped! We were in a communication black out there!

So, here's a timeline: we leave two weeks from today; our court date is three weeks from today; we will hopefully have custody of Aidan four weeks from thursday; we'll be on our way home six weeks from tomorrow!

Please pray with us that we can make it through the next six weeks without any major problems or difficulties, and that we don't get bumped from the Hotel Krasnoyarsk!


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