Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Observations of Russia

Here are a few observations of our Russian experience. . .

There are a lot of doves hanging out. All of them seem to be very well fed.

There do not appear to be very many pregnant woman around. Yet, the orphanages are full! Go figure!

The folks here are very helpful if we try to use the language. We almost always figure it out between our halting sentences.

There are loud speakers moutned ont he light posts along the streets from which music pours all of the time. Why did they put those up and when? I have some thoughts on that. . .

All of the women wear vry tight jeans and stilleto heeled shoes/boots. Almost all are in boots, but the heels are always stilleto style. How do they walk in those?

Everyone smokes here. I will need to go through rehab to get my lungs cleared up again.

All of the people wear full coates, hats, mittens and scarfs regardless of the temperature outside.

There is a clock tower in the center of town that plays a tune every half hour and then adds the chimes for the hour on the hour. We have memorized the tune so well that we will probably hear it in our sleep for months to come.

It takes about two hours, at a minimum, to eat any meal, regardless of how many are in your party.

Food is served as it is ready rather than by the table.

There are no Mexican Restuarants here.

More as I think of it!


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Kelly said...

Stacy and Pat - We think of you daily and are excited to meet Aidan. I agree, how do the Russian women wear the stilleto heels in the snow?