Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Preparing to get ready

Well, 9 days to go! The time is flying. . .we have so much to do! But, we have our cash now and I've started pulling things together to pack. It's hard to decide what to take and what not to take. How do you pack for 30 days not knowing about laundry facilities?

I've been shopping to buy up a few needed items in order to survivie: mega number of books, clothing that can be worn more than once, vacuum pack bags to reduce the air(and weight!), gifts for our translators/drivers/Director of Orphanage/and our tour guide. I did take my sisters advice and bought a small bottle of liquid detergent so that I can do laundry in the tub, if need be. That was a great suggestion! And, I did purchase a jar of instant coffee (I'm not going to be like last time!) and a small jar of Tobasco--one of life's great necessities! My only concern now is about the weight of the bags. . .I guess I'll find out where we stand and then I'll need to decide if something should come out or not. . .

So, back to the gifts I purchased for the folks who take care of us: For our tour guide, Anna, she took wonderful care of us on the first trip and took us to several Orthodox churches. I'm hoping she'll be able to take us to St. Basil's and to go inside this time. So, I bought her an ornament from the Washington National Cathedral--one of the replica's of the Moon Stained Glass Window. That seems appropriate!

For Marina, I bought some books about Leesburg, and about Virginia. She teaches History to a group of students who are learning English. I thought she would like to read about the place where Aidan will be coming to live. She asked, the last time we were there, if I would come and talk to her students one day. I'd love to! We'll see if that still happens.

So, that leaves Yelena, Serge, and Vladimir and Galina. I'd like to get Serge a Washington Capitals shirt. If I can find one, I will. I think Galina would like an ornament from Leesburg showing the Court House--again, it will be about where Aidan is coming to live. I'll need to think further about Yelena and Vladimir. Maybe something Williamsburg for Yelena! I don't know. I'll think about it.

It's hard to believe that 5 weeks from now we'll be getting ready to come home! I get homesick thinking about being away, but I know it will pass as it is supposed to. I just hope our puppies are happy when we return with Aidan!

Thank you for so many prayers and well wishes. I'm going to ask you pray with us some more: Father, please help us to accept the daily wait that will be our life over the coming 5 weeks and to not let impatience take over. Please keep Aidan healthy, our travels smooth, and the judge in a favorable mood toward us. Amen.


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Joy said...

I have not really thought about the types of gifts I want to give to the people that I meet on my trips.
Thanks for reminding me.