Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ten Things

The ten things I will miss while in Russia are:

1. Pat's mom and dad. They are awesome, generous, kind and always listen to whatever we have to say.

2. The puppies! Maggie and Mosby are so cute-don't you think? I will miss their constant and unrestrained love and devotion!

3. My pillow. There is nothing like one's own pillow.

4. Spring and the Cherry Blossoms! The best seasons in the Washignton, D. C. area are Spring and Fall. And Cherry Blossoms will be blooming while we're gone! We might get to see the last dregs, as our tree blooms about a week after the ones in D. C., but we'll see! Also, it seems a bit unfair--the weather here next Wednesday is forecast to be about 61 degrees; in Moscow, 32 degrees; and in Krasnoyarsk it will be 21 degrees. Well, at least it will be on the positive side!

5. Cafe du Monde coffee. . .sigh.

6. Big juicy steaks. . .another sigh.

7. GMU's latest run at an ACC title--Go Pats!

8. Hearing English spoken.

9. The History and Sci-Fi channels.

10. Talking daily with my sister Amy

But, then on the flip side, here are ten things I'll love about being in Russia!:

1. Seeing Aidan again.

2. Being with and getting to know Aidan.

3. Getting custody (please, God, let it be so!) of Aidan.

4. Snuggling with Aidan.

5. Reading to Aidan.

6. Learning more about Krasnoyarsk.

7. The chance to read, guilt free (no "list of things to do" looming)!

8. Hearing from you all via Email!

9. Taking walks.

10. And, of course, spending quality time with Pat!

5 days to go until we leave! Wow.

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