Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time difference and Time change

So next Sunday our time spring forward into Daylight Savings time. Although I love Spring, the newness and the promise of it all, I don't love the loss of the hour of sleep! I get up early in order to run, so that first week is a killer!

This year we'll get to experience that a hundred fold! We'll just be getting used to that hour and then we'll fly off to Russia. Fortunately, they don't spring forward until the last Sunday in March. That means that our time difference when we get to Moscow will only be 7 hours different from Eastern Time and then when we get to Krasnoyarsk it will only be 11 hours ahead of Eastern time! Small favors!

But, then we'll spring forward with the Russians on March 30th and have to deal with that all over again! Actually, looking at the positive of this factor, it will make our 10 day waiting period one hour shorter! Pretty cool! Okay! We're already an hour closer to getting Aidan and coming home!

God is so good for bringing those thoughts to the forefront!

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