Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're Off!

Well, we're off! In a few hours we'll be getting on the plane and heading back to Russia. We're packed and ready to go, Maggie has been dropped off (I missed my Maggie last night!) and Mosby will be dropped off today on the way to the airport. Reality is sinking in fast: we'll be gone from the US for 30 days!

Yesterday, while packing, I had HBO on and the first part of the John Adams series came on. . .I'm such an American! I felt homesick while packing! So, I pulled one of Aidan's pictures out and kept my focus on him. It helped a lot to remind my heart why we'll be gone so long.

I'm looking forward now to being in Moscow. I haven't been sleeping very well. I keep waking up thinking of things that need to be done. Once in Moscow, I'll be able to relax. The hotel there is very comfy and I'll be able to sleep, perchance to dream. . .

The weather isn't too bad either, all things considered! Moscow weather for the next few days is expected to be in the mid thirties and the Krasnoyarsk forecast for the next ten days is to be the low to mid thirties. Yes, that is positive, too! Okay, so our weather here in Virginia will be in the fifties and sixties and the trees are about to bust out in leaf, but at least we're not heading into the negative degree territory!

So, next post. . .Moscow!


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