Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, March 28, 2008

A long two days of weekend ahead. . .

We went back to the orphanage today. We took Aidan some crayons and a coloring book. He hasn't quite gotten the concept of coloring, but we'll keep trying it out with him.

He liked playing the "take the hat off that Mama keeps putting on me" game. He kept giving us a half smile when we would put it on him and then he would take it back off. He's still afraid of men, though. It's hard to see him back away from the men in the room. Also, I don't think he has been held much. When he doesn't like something or feels nervous about the men being too close, he checks to see where I am, backs up to me and sits in my lap. It's very cute to me, but I can that it's a bit distressing to Pat. I'm sure it will all work out, though, once we are able to take him away from the orphanage.

We don't go to the orphanage at all this weekend so we will walk down to the Flea Market and look for a stroller. Serge, our driver, is working on taking us on a tour of Krasnoyarsk on Sunday. That would be nice. Then, on Monday, we'll go back to the orphanage again. I'm worried that Aidan will be afraid and cry when he sees us again. But, again, we'll work it out. Our wait will be over in one more week. . .then we'll begin counting down the days to go home!

Helpful hint for those preparing for Trip 2: Make sure your go ahead and purchase your plane tickets ahead of time, while still in the US, for the baby's return home with you. If you wait until you are in Russia, you will have to wait for the passport--case in point: us. We can't even purchase his ticket to Moscow until we get his passport because his name will not be changed on his papers until that time. Had we purchased it in the US, the ticketing agent would not have asked for the passport to check that he is okay to travel. Very frustrating! Especially becuase we had asked for the tickets to be purchased!!! Now they will cost us more, too.

I may not post anything over the weekend since we won't be going to see our boy, so if not, talk to you all on Monday!


Stacy and Pat

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